2.0 Geostationary orbits

10.10.2012. 16:03 - before 9 years Gorbit_lever_web

Respecting the mechanism of simple machines, in described case the lever in balance, the application of universal principle (g=cd) is demonstrated by calculating the radius and velocity of the geostationary orbit. Derived is the ratio between geostationary and equatorial radius, specific to each celestial body. Implicitly, formulated is the law of geostationary orbits symmetrical to third Kepler’s law of planetary motion. As a derivation of these equations is not using the gravitational constant G and calculates the corrected celestial body masses, due to their mathematical equivalence, equalities presented give absolutely accurate results. The elegance, precision and simplicity of the presented model indicate misinterpretation of Newton’s masses and nature, in the conventional physics inevitable gravitational constant G, the so-called “Universal constant of nature”.

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Jessica before 7 years

Hi Andrej, I tried contacting you via YouTube, I am interested in using one of your models on ptolemy’s universe for a film. Please contact me when you can. Thank you.

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