In the history of the “occult” theories, “Spiritus Mundi” – spirit of the world – is the basic substance whose understanding provides the key for solving the mysteries of Nature. But as its concept has never been determined, it is sometimes understood as a principle, i.e. a condition of existence, and sometimes as matter.
In the first case, “Spiritus Mundi” contains relationships, roots and causes of things and events.
In the second case, the basic substance is the primary matter from which everything else is derived.
Unlike the first, subtle concept, the result of more detailed philosophical thought, the second concept is coarser and characterizes the decline of thought.

P. D. Ouspensky

Retrograde motion effect perceived from observers orbit showing celestial body paths for central star and both, inner and outer orbiting bodies.


3.0 Challenge to the heritage


The fundamental principle of the Universe cannot be some hidden, abstract and counterintuitive matrix. The principle of the Universe permeates every event and every occurrence. Its matrix is symmetric in every scale of its spectra. Its infinite complexity arises from the interaction of the simplest possible relationship. The relationship that is abstract, rigid and inherent, but intuitively clear and recognizable to everyone. That relationship is woven into nuclear, chemical, biomechanical, celestial dynamics, genetic memory… Using the principle of lever, all known earliest cultures of this cycle of humanity were harvesting awareness of the principle… It appears in everything we can imagine. And actually, its trivial formula is to be seen every time we ride the highway…