0.0 A brief description of the principle

Gradually, the principle will be thoroughly analyzed through mathematics and geometry, and with references to observed reality.
Each unit of time (second) velocity of light accelerates for the amount of gravitation of the environment from which we measure. The ratio of this new speed and the one a second before, equals to the change of spatial unit (meter) ((c + g) / c = 1 + d_). As that amount of change (_d) is identical to the time it takes c to travel g (d = g / c), one second changed for the same amount… Accordingly, the dilated space by dilated time measure the speed of light unchanged ((1 + d) / (1 + d) = 1), so although in the system of constant acceleration, we measure a linear flow of time and propagation of space. For this reason, instead of saying that the speed accelerated (increased).., the term “stretching”, was used as a synonym for dilatation, expansion…

before 9 years by Andrej Rehak