# About principia To understand units in all equations presented on this web site, one should consider the following; since delayed perception of all radiuses governess the referent speed of a system, the unit for radius is equalised with the unit for speed (m/s). Also, gravity and acceleration at all orbits are treated as a wave lengths, hence, their units are equalised with unit for space (m). These small, but crucial corrections are the key for unlocking the mathematical simplicity of nature. The Universe is a manifestation of tension between frames of different speed. It is a fractal infinity governed by a simple equation: **g=cd** Gravity g is a vector product of time vector d and vector scalar light speed c. Gravity g is wavelength, dilatation d is wave-time. Gravity is dilatation of light. In any frame of reference, independent of the units that we use, space is a continual expansion of light speed and time is the duration of that expansion. Variation of speed alters the fractal function, which iteration in time creates space spectra of endless complexity and self similarity. Its perceived fragment we call The Universe. Light speed persistence within each accelerating frame and its variability among the frames is the nature of witnessed reality.
The memory projection of the runner which propagates and lasts in a constant accelerating surrounding is left in a frozen space-time loop without dilatation, i.e. the position without the flow of time and the genesis of space… By plunging into infinity of its past, into the mirror projection of the universe of its future, the runners “I am” meets the runners “I was”. Depending on the direction of its velocity change (towards zero or infinity) the runners space and time shrink or expand respectively, whereby for the same amount altered speed over time, measure constant speed of light. On that altering space-time journey, perceived matter of runners being transforms into its space and its space transforms into its matter. Independent of scale, the matrix of structure of its universe repeats itself towards both polarities of infinity. Each unique now and here of the runner interferes with all infinitely possible trajectories of its being. The infinite replicas of its possible future are reflected in infinite replicas of its possible past. On its infinitely unique path, the runner is the equilibrium tending to equilibrium, the infinite fractal, witnessing the infinite genesis of its infinite space and the infinite genesis of its infinite time. Being dynamic, constantly accelerating One, non-existent without polarities of zero and infinity, the runner was, is and will be. Hence, the runner exists. The original soundtrack was composed and recorded live. - Through a link with the speed of light, explained is the nature of ubiquitous but one of the most secretive and controversial phenomenon in nature, gravity. Implicitly, explained is the nature of constantly measured speed of light and the vector of time. From this simple, rigid and tautological relation, without the use of physical constants, derived are universal formulas for motion. As long as there are unexplained natural constants in physics, as long as there are anomalies, it cannot be fundamental. Regardless of how much the theory explains and how simple or complex it is, if it contains only one unexplained constant (in modern physics, there are already quite a number of them which rather than decreasing, grows with time), if it records a single anomaly, this theory is not a fundamental knowledge. Anomalies recorded by contradictory systems are the implication of thautology. Accurate mathematical explanation of nature without unexplained constants and without anomalies is not a theory but a Principle. Through the tautological relationship between the variables of space and time, we explain the fundamental nature of equalities describing motion and show that the “physical” appearance of the world is manifestation of its Principle. The above explains the fact that the language of mathematics formulates physical laws. It follows that the attempt to explain the Principle of Nature through the space time spectrum that our dynamic system of speed perceives as matter, i.e. manifestation of the Principle, is local, hence, on a universal scale, necessarily inconsistent and contradictory.
# Philosophy In the history of the “occult” theories, “Spiritus Mundi” – spirit of the world – is the basic substance whose understanding provides the key for solving the mysteries of Nature. But as its concept has never been determined, it is sometimes understood as a principle, i.e. a condition of existence, and sometimes as matter. In the first case, “Spiritus Mundi” contains relationships, roots and causes of things and events. In the second case, the basic substance is the primary matter from which everything else is derived. Unlike the first, subtle concept, the result of more detailed philosophical thought, the second concept is coarser and characterizes the decline of thought.
Retrograde motion effect perceived from observers orbit showing celestial body paths for central star and both, inner and outer orbiting bodies.
## Movies Application of fractal mathematics in the computer programs allows the visualization of plunging into the infinitely detailed structure of the virtual world generated by the same mathematical laws as of the world of “reality.” This precious tool provides navigation through an infinitely complex resultant of time iteration of the simplest principle. Principle that the result feeds calculated values. It visualizes the geometry of interaction of propagation of space in duration of time. Fractal mathematics allows us to see the structure of infinity. “We’ve all heard of the pirate treasure maps. In this case map is the treasure " Arthur Clarke “Fractals – The Colors of Infinity” By manipulating the space-time geometry, we are telling symmetrical fractal story of the universe, which unique self-similarity matrix is repeated in an infinite spectrum of its space-time dimensions. Consequently, in which ever space-time direction do we move, we always perceive the same appearance of the Universe. Every moment of our duration and propagation is grasping the infinity.