The language of mathematics gave birth to a tool for the truth. Mathematics has the proof. Mathematical structure isn’t built on the conjectures or theories. Elements of its design are valid statements, theorems. The Universal principle is not a new physical or philosophical theory presented under the scrutiny of existing theoretical assumptions and conventions. It is a theorem whose language is the language of certainty of mathematics. All of its space-time relations are derived from a single, fundamental and rigid equity for speed. Since there is no way to express speed, space or time without their mutual relations, they are inseparably one. The variables of this entangled Trinity are the building fabric of the universe. Because of their pure mathematical structure built solely on the basis of mentioned scalar tautology, all of derived principle equations count absolutely accurate values. As in the case of mathematical theorems, theories, opinions and conventions are irrelevant in proving or disproving the validity of the principle. It relies on the arguments of mathematics, logic and results. It describes, explains and calculates. Only the principle that fundamentally explains all universal phenomena and has been the most accurate, simplest and most logical may be the law of laws. In scalar dynamic of nature such law must be scalar. Cognitive and philosophical implications of universal principle recognition mark the end of contradictory plurality of localized scientific and religious paradigms and the beginning of time of universal knowledge.