“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Albert Einstein We apply the same fundamental principle (g=cd ) over and over again and we newer expect results different to those observed. Due to the fractal symmetry of nature, this unique scalar law is universally valid for infinite spectrum of its space-time dimensions. In all of space-time positions of the Universe apply the same laws of physics. In contradictory systems, repeated unexpected results are read as an anomaly. Although such anomalies draw again and again repeated curves of the same functions, rather than the idea that their solution opens the way for new knowledge, such inertial system, in general ignores these anomalies, declares an error in the measurement, introduces new constants or invents some exotic counterintuitive explanations. Anomalies of fixed contradictory systems are the implications of scalar tautology. Scalar universe can never be explained by a single non-scalar law. In this section, we will cover some famous controversial experiments whose nature was misunderstood, never fully understood or whose results are due to the potential impact on the existing paradigm, denied.